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Look what's inside the alleged haunted house Villalon Mansion - Well its not really haunted at all

Villalon Mansion, also referred as the “House on the Hill, located just behind the Cebu Provincial Capitol was said to be haunted, but no heavy evidence can be found to prove it."

PECERA Hongkong is an organization dedicated for disseminating & supporting and research in early childhood education held an event at this mansion. They were taking pictures on the said event and uploaded it on their Facebook page and you can really see what's inside the mansion.

Referring to the pictures below, you can see how beautiful the mansion is and its antique furniture's inside in it.


This place is perfect for events like weddings, birthdays, debut etc.. but i think this is not yet open to public. The PECERA might have a connection to the mansion's owner that's why they had able to have an event inside.

We should stop spreading lies about rumors that this mansion is haunted. Because this mansion is one of most beautiful house in Cebu. Let's just hope this will be open in public soon.

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