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Is sleeping with a Fan On Actually Bad for Your Health?

Is sleeping with a Fan On Actually Bad for Your Health?

Electric fans are sure to remain popular as energy-efficient alternatives to air conditioners, but consumers should take care not to overindulge in breezes generated by the spinning blades.

Fans are a near perfect low-cost solution to keeping your bedroom cool and allowing you to rest comfortably. However, improper use of electric fans may cause health problems.

If you are suffering from seasonal allergy or sinus problems, these symptoms may get worse just by sleeping with a fan. Blowing fans will definitely kick up dust and spores lying around the room, especially rooms where fans are not frequently used. All of this fresh dust can certainly cause some allergic problems and sinus discomfort.

How strange it may sound, fans can cause dehydration if they are aimed directly on the body. According to UK Public Health, This is mainly when the temperatures reach over 35 degrees Celsius because the air being blown onto your skin isn't evaporating your sweat (which refreshes), making you become even more sweating that leads to excessive fluid loss.

If you're one of the few that somehow sleeps with their eyes partially open,"a steady air will dry your eyes and can cause irritation." This irritation may persist in your sinuses and dry your nasal passages, making you "more susceptible to blockage, stiffness, and sinus headaches.

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