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5 Side Effects of Air Conditioning You Should Watch Out For

Most of us are grateful for the air conditioner, especially when the temperatures are too high and it is impossible to sweat even after a cold shower. In most of the shops, homes, or offices the air conditioner temperature is too low and as a result it feels immediately getting sick. If you pass a long time under the pressure of evaporated air you feel more tired and muscles are more contracted by the fate of the day. Although in the days of the air conditioner being a savior, we need to know more about his good and bad.

Problems with breathing

 If the air conditioner is not well cleaned and if the filtrates are not changed, they will be transformed into a bacterial and mold well. If these micro-organisms are released into the air, they can cause a variety of problems with breathing, including pneumonia, and prolonged lung inflammation. To avoid this, you need to clean the air conditioner and change filters once in 4-5 months.

Fatigue and headache

 Many people feel tired at work, even more than usual. Often the pain of the head is strong and the sensation of not feeling good is manifold. But these feelings soften considerably after being dismissed. A 2004 study published in the International Epidemiology Magazine concluded that people working in offices with central air conditioners faced many illness and discomfort symptoms than those who worked in well ventilated offices. If you work in an air-conditioned office, try to raise the temperature a little, so that you do not have a fever and try to get out of the air in the fresh air from time to time so that your body temperature is more balanced.

Air pollution

Western authorities warn that people are more exposed to pollutants in indoor environments than outside ones, especially because the air conditioner does not transmit fresh air but circulates stale air. So if there are viruses, bacteria, mold or infections in this air, you are more exposed to various.

Drying of the skin

The more you stay in air conditioning, the more dry your skin will be. Cold and dry air can make your skin sharper, and can also damage your hair. Keep a little open window in the office to circulate a little fresh air.

Dry Eye

Air conditioning can decrease indoor humidity or hasten tear evaporation, causing dry eye symptoms. Outdoor environment. Arid climates and dry or windy conditions increase dry eye risks. As people with a dry eye problem will tell you, their problem seems to get worse when they spend long hours in an air-conditioned space.

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