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Strong Prayer for Debts and Money Problems

Dear Lord, I come to you today in hopeful prayer, for I am greatly in need. Debts and money problems are destroying my peace of mind and making my life miserable. I pray you will free me from the financial burdens that weigh me down.

Guide me, O Lord, to handle the money I have more wisely. and lead me to find the way to obtain a little more, so I can take care of myself and choose who depend on me.

Teach me to set up a budget and stick to it. Then I can pay something on each bill until they are cleared up. And please let those I owe money to be a little more patient. Help them to be kinder and more understanding about my troubles.

Most of all, Dearest Lord, Keep my faith ever strong. As long as I have you I will never despair, for I know that you always do what is right for me. You are my good friend and constant companion, and I trust in your loving concern.

Bless me to find the prosperity I long for, and let me discover a few of the pleasures life has to offer. Show me the way, Dear Lord, and I will follow for surely all good things come from you.....Amen

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