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A Facebook post by Grace Coralyn Lopez regarding their bad experienced at the hotel that they were staying.

 Facebook Post:

Let me start with their online booking process. I went on their website www.cebuwestownlagoon.com.

The website was nice and was easy to maneuver. I clicked to book a Family Suite (PA) which describes as • Pool Access, • 1 Queen Size Bed • 2 Single Bed • 2 Baths and • 1 mini Kitchen and it routed me to another website called www.reseliva.com. I had to do it several times to make sure I am in the right spot as I thought my computer was giving me unnecessary popups or ad-wares but then it turned out that the website is legit, so I booked that pool access family room for 2 nights at PHP7,800/night. I gave my credit card information and it gave me a confirmation email. I’m showing below the breakdown of my payment based on the confirmation email I received. My understanding was that I already paid the deposit in advance and as said on the confirmation “To be paid at the property” was the other half of it when I get there. I booked this in January 2018 for a March 24-25 stay.

When we got to the property, they asked me for the entire PHP15,600 because they said they haven’t charged my CC yet and the “to be paid at the property” info was incorrect. I was surprised but complied however, because my bank in fact didn’t show the charges yet. They also said our room was NOT a pool access and is on the 3rd floor and that they had NO ELEVATOR! Now, I was perplexed. I showed them what I paid for and what they described my room will be, and all they said “Yeah, that happens when you book with Reseliva. MAYBE they directed you to another room because the room you wanted was not available when you looked it up online”. I told them nicely that the site never gave a notice that the room I chose was not available, and this was 2 months ago. IT DID NOT, and that PHP7, 800 price is the highest and last option they offered. I asked, why affiliate with that booking site if there is in fact a known inconvenience and an issue? That’s completely wrong information and very misleading. Both receptionists’ just looked at each other and the other one smirked and said “we don’t know” I was completely blown away by their response and how they handled it. I didn’t argue and I just let it pass. I was too tired from the trip prior. I asked to pay extra for an upgrade to a family room with a pool access because I brought my entire family and I wanted my son to have a great time since that was his first time visiting Philippines. Sadly, all the other rooms were already filled. I was so disappointed but kept calm since it’s not their fault although they should have made their response a bit more positive and apologetic.

After checking in, we went inside a VERY CROWDED reception area and asked to fall behind a VERY LONG LINE of people waiting to get in (The hotel’s swimming pool is also available for day users) I went to the security guard and said we just checked in at the counter and will be staying for 2 days and not day use. I asked if there was a different entrance. He replied “fall in line, ma’am because you needed to get a stamp” So we had to get a stamp on our arms so we can get in and out the hotel with no problem. That time, I was boiling over. I didn’t have time for all those foolishness. Went back to the receptionist and told them to sort it out. One was nice enough to apologize and let us in separate from the huge crowd.

We got to our rooms, it was 2 connected rooms and contrary to what was on the website, we were on the 3rd floor, the building had no elevator, and we had no mini kitchen- but I was supposedly passed that frustration until I checked the bathrooms. One bathroom, I found ONLY 4 towels and the other one had 2. I called and asked for extra towels and they said it’s PHP500 per piece. I asked why only 6? They said, “because the room is only for 6 guests, sorry.” Again, they can’t do anything about it. Unbelievable and sad. I also paid one additional guest and paid PHP1,500. We asked for the extra bed and they said it’s not included in that PHP1, 500 we paid and we have to pay another extra money for the bed. Not even a roll over! They are a RIP OFF!
Their WIFI is horrible too. They gave us “wifi vouchers” which shows password for their internet. It worked for a few hours and then kicks you out. We asked for the password again and gave us a whole bunch of “wifi vouchers" and none of them worked. We called and asked reception and was told that I need to restart my computer. I did and still nothing. We tried it on everybody else’s phone in the room and none worked either. So obviously, it was not my computer that was the problem. I told them that and they said “that’s the vouchers we have and that’s supposed to work, maybe try later”. We did with no luck.

The place got so crowded by noon time so we decided to wait for sun down and stayed inside the room. The floor is not carpeted while that small table where you put your luggage however was, and had dirt stains on it.

We took off all our shoes and felt the sticky floor. I thought, it was just our feet and the humidity. A few minutes later, the soles of our feet were black with dirt.

 I opened the curtains covering the balcony and let the sun's light silhouette on the floor and found dirty streaks of mop marks on the floor.

 Clearly, that floor was not swept before and after mopped. Most likely too, they might have used the same dirty water from all the other rooms they’ve mopped.

We swam that night since that was the only time we had the pool to ourselves as the day users were gone. We also wanted to go swimming early the next day morning again and came to see oil and grease residues on all corners of the swimming pool. That was disgusting. Had I seen that the day prior, I wouldn’t have swim the night before.

We checked out and asked for a paper to leave comments and suggestions and they said they ran out. I looked inside the suggestion box and there were only two answered papers inside. One had all the POOR service box checked. The other paper had a long comment on it. It wasn’t folded and from the contents of what I read, that customer was very furious. The customer mentioned that he/she accidentally sat on chlorine on the side of the swimming pool and that burned his/her leg, called the management for that and she was just told to wash it off with water.

I highly recommend STAYING AWAY from this hotel if you are big on safety, hygiene, and good service. Their hotel staff are rude and they are not at all bothered to show it. Their bathroom towels were rough and it smelled like it was just recently used and then air dried. It was stiff and rough. They are overpriced but they cut costs and are cheap with their customers.

I thought, and was a big mistake, that I chose the best hotel for my kid because of their slides and I thought I will get great service for me and the rest of the family because of the price and some good reviews. This hotel is a big fat joke!

I will make sure all my relatives and their friends and their friends’ friend know about this. This place is the worst ever and they leave you with no choice but abide with their very limited and extremely terrible, terrible service.

This place would be great if they get their management and staff in check and maintain good quality standards on their rooms, bookings and services. The only good thing about this place is the pool's theme and layout.
Let's share this post, so many will be informed!

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