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More fierce Stephen to look forward in second round

Sunday in Manila will spark the NBA postseason, but there is no guarantee that in the fourth straight season Golden State and Cleveland still in the Finals.

After the regular season, No. 3 in the West the Warriors and No. 4 in the Cavaliers East. No. 1 in Golden State bracket is Houston, Toronto in the Cleveland group.

Expect the Warriors to be more fierce in return for Stephen Curry's second round from knee injury. This is when they go through the dangerous Spurs in the first round.

LeBron James, starring in the last seven NBA Finals. He knows how to get to the finish.

Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni and his kamer James Harden, have not won. Chris Paul, not yet in the second round.

The four games of James and the Cavs were rubbing the Raptors in the second round last year.

Read Golden State and No. 7 San Antonio in the postseason opener, Raptors against No. 8 Washington to the East. In other 3-6 matchups are Philadelphia and Miami (East), and Portland-New Orleans (West).

The next day is No. 2 Boston and No. 7 Milwaukee, and Cavs Vs. No. 5 Indiana in East, No. 4 Oklahoma City vs. No. 5 Utah, and Houston vs. No. 8 Minnesota to the West.

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