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Mitchell or Simmons?

THAT is a hot debate about who will be the NBA Rookie of the Year, Donovan Mitchell of Utah and Ben Simmons of Philadelphia.

In 2016, the top pick overall of the 76ers was Simmons, but in Philadelphia's last training camp the Philadelphia beat Australia's right foot and was no longer playing.

Technically is the 2017-18 Simmons rookie season, and important parts so No. 3 in the East is the Sixers.

Mitchell is No. 13 picks of Denver but the draft night was given to Utah. He's guided the Jazz at 48-33 record, No. 5 in the West.

In the finale season on Tuesday, Mitchell put on a black hoodie with a written dictionary definition of 'rookie'.

Simmons is a simple joke and just looks like 'redshirt rookie' because it just starts with the NBA in his second year after drafting.

“We just wanted to all have fun with it,” ani Mit­chell. “That’s all it is, having fun and just enjoying it.”

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