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The Real Rules of Survival Incident

It was 1954, the United States decided to develop an experiment called "ST_VR 11" as part of the MK-ULTRA project. ST_VR is an experiment involving 60 homeless street children ranging from 10 to 15 years old. In this experiment, the US has abducted at least 60 in the Chicago area.

All abducted street children were then taken to a secret U.S military island called "Shemya Island". After arriving on the island, the army then sent all the street children to a building and slept for one night. In the morning, after breakfast, the children were all lined up at the airport and some scientists explained why they were brought to that island.

After lining up the children, the scientist explained to them that everyone would be part of an experiment and anyone who does not participate will be killed on the spot. The scientist further explained the experiment that all children would be sent outside the freezing cold one by one with their supplies of weapons, food, water and other necessities for 42 hours, escape is impossible, he added because the island is surrounded by deep ocean with which they will surely be killed and if they attempt to return to the base which is guarded by the army, they will be shot dead. Later, he explained that after 42 hours the alarm would ring across the island and all surviving children will be rescued by the army. However, only 5 survivors will be rescued, if the survivor has reached 6 or more, then the extra survivor will be killed.

Some children tried to escape, but unlucky they were shot on the spot. The remaining children then returned to the base and one by one was given a sack of supplies and sent off the base 10 minutes before the other.

In the first 10 hours of the experiment, it was estimated that nearly 50 children died due to hypothermia, killed by other children, suicide and many other factors. After 42 hours the alarm rang and the military sent rescuers to all surviving children, but found only one survivor.

This experiment was exposed in 2015 after a former CIA agent decided to leak information on MK_ULTRA.

Source : Deep Web Enigma
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