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Sleeping On The Job Is Acceptable In Japan

 The Japanese term Inemuri refers to falling asleep at work. In many cases the Inemuri is not seen as something negative, do you want to know why?

As for example the practice of inemuri, falling asleep at work or, literally, 'sleeping while present'. The practice of inemuri is not viewed with bad eyes by bosses and supervisors, since in some way it shows the fatigue that a worker has accumulated after having devoted body and soul to working hours and hours in the company. The inemuri is seen as a consequence of the absolute dedication to work and therefore it is not negative, on the contrary, it is an accepted practice in the Japanese labor world.

Of course, for the inemuri to be acceptable, one must fall asleep while sitting in his office chair and ready to return work at any time, even if he has closed his eyes for a while because of the fatigue accumulated by so much dedication.

It is clear that the practice of the inemuri is going to decrease, when the Japanese corporate mind is accepting that certain past practices are no longer acceptable in today's society, but honestly, better to fall asleep at work than to die or commit suicide. for overwork and work stress, dont you think?

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