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Mag ingat po sa BDO CAR LOANS

Naging viral ang facebook post ni Manuel Zernma dahil sa complain nya sa BDO.

Facebook Post translated to Tagalog:

Be careful sa mga may plano mag car loan from banks, especially BDO. CHOOSE YOUR CO-MAKER WISELY. Recently, marami na nag tatanong na mga friends ko regarding sa issue with my car loan. I am now escalating this to social media para ma aware ang lahat. This post does not intend to insult or defame im just sharing facts and my experience. Medyo mataas po ang post na ito, pero worth it po basahin, especially kung may plano po kayo mag car loan.
Before I start, nag viral napo itong post ko and I just translated this to tagalog para ma intindihan ng lahat.  Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/mhanzer/posts/2015844848432236

I am from Iligan City and my case is very unique. I tried to look for answers from friends, friends working in banks, financing institutions, families, facebook groups, etc. I got the same answers and I think ako pa ang merong case na ganito. As of this writing, I found out similar cases from people who personally chat me. Basically, I loaned a car from BDO with 2 co-makers. 5 years term. 1 year + nalang po I’m almost done with the loan. I am religiously paying my monthly obligations up until now. Then suddenly one day, I got a call from a collecting agency saying that my car is for settlement already. I asked why since every month naman ako nagbabayad. She said my loan was cross-defaulted. It so happen na one of my co-makers is also having a car loan na na default daw (same BANK), then dinamay nila ako. At that time, I’m not sure what default means so I googled right away after the call ended. Default means hindi na nag babayad (my-comaker to be specific).

I am the principal borrower, the car is under my name, the bank account with auto debit agreement is also under my name. The basic logic of lending is, if hindi na makabayad ng loan si principal borrower, then that’s the time hahabulin ni BDO ang co-makers. What happened to me is the contrary. Na default ang loan ng co-maker ko, then ako ang kanilang hinahabol. TAKE NOTE: I DIDN’T SIGN ANY AGREEMENT WITH REGARDS TO THEIR LOAN. Bakit sure po ako? Kasi hindi ma rerelease ang car kung walang pirma ko diba? So I’m sure hindi ako nag co-maker sa loan nila. Hindi rin ako kasama sa pagbili ng auto nila.

Of course, hindi po ako papayag na basta ganun nalang. Napakalaking pera na ang naibayad ko then all of the sudden magiging ganito si BDO. The day na default ang account ng co-maker ko, nag stop narin pala sa pag debit si BDO sa payments ko. 6 months na ang dumaan before they notify me! And worst, collecting agency na ang tumatawag sa akin. So first, I went to BDO Iligan to settle this matter but unfortunately I didn’t get the help I was expecting. Pinasa pasa nila ako, kahit sino na kinausap ko sa manila. Umalis ako na walang tulong na nakuha, the branch manager won’t even vouch for me. Then I went to the BDO CDO branch Auto Loan Department (as per my agent’s suggestions). Still, the same ang nangyari, I got the same disappointment. Ang sabi lang ng manager doon na hindi na raw nagbabayad ang co-maker ko sa loan niya kaya dinamay narin ako. NAKAPA UNFAIR DIBA? Well in fact, hindi ako nag co-maker sa loan nila. I don’t really see any connection aside from them being my co-makers to my loan. Dapat hindi talaga ako managot niyan!

I found out that BDO hires a third-party (collecting agencies or law firms) to settle this kind of problem, so basically hugas kamay na si BDO. I pleaded na pwede ibalik nalang nila sa normal standing ang account ko kasi nagbabayad naman talaga ako ng tama (as supported with receipts and SOA). PERO HINDI NA SILA NAKIKINIG SA AKIN PERA NA ANG HABOL NILA. They are demanding a lump sum of 391,000 pesos in full payment para ma settle na ang account ko (penalties and fees that are not transparent and without proper calculation). WHERE IN THE WORLD WILL I GET THAT KIND OF MONEY? Ayaw narin nila icontinue ang monthly amortization ko. I worried so much and it came accross my mind na ipa repo ko nalang para matapos nato lahat. How can I possibly fail to pay na ang dami ko pong inutang na mga gamit at motorsiklo na nabayaran ko po lahat! Nandito pa lahat ng resibo sa kamay ko!
The last resort is to consult for a legal advice. May naawa po sakin upon hearing my predicament. He reffered me to a very good lawyer and he said that this is against the law. BDO is absurd! I gave him all the necessary documents and he said that if BDO won’t reverse the charges, we will file a case. Napaka grabi po ang moral damages na ginawa ni BDO sa akin, the stress and hassle. I hope managot lahat ng involved dito dahil modus po itong ginagawa nila. Share this post para ma aware po lahat.

My car is still in my possession and I don't have any intention to surrender voluntarily because I know I am doing my part as a borrower. However, the collecting agency keeps on calling me and harrassing me. My lawyer said to just continue paying while he sort things out. I'll just keep you guys posted. Thank you for making this viral, and thank you for all your concerns. I'm glad na marami akong natulungan at napa aware. God bless you all and keep safe!

That's all guys, just be careful when dealing with banks. Choose your co-makers wisely nalang or much better don’t get a co-maker. Hindi rin basta basta ang role kung mag co-maker ka.

BDO - WE FIND WAYS. How Ironic.

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