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Billy, Coleen "We're Sorry"

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia issued their apology on their prenuptial photos via Instagram.

Billy and Coleen mentioned that other netizens just had another interpretation of their prenup photos. but it's all part of the tourism campaign shoot sponsored by Ethiopian Airlines.

Two of their IG accounts removed the so-called racist photos. Here's their statement regarding the photos:

Completely, it might not even be about the photos per se, but more on how it comes across and what it could represent. Being public figures, dito kami nagkulang and we admit we could have done better.

“We were invited and sponsored by Ethiopian Airlines to do our shoot there for their tourism and capture their natural environment because we were told that tourism helps their economy.

“‘Yung shot with the kids, actually patapos na kaming mag shoot noon na kaming dalawa lang and we just needed to get a few shots in, but naaliw ‘yung kids (who were already there) and they really wanted to be a part of the photos so they kept coming into the frame hanggang sa sinama na nina Oly.

“In fact, may dumating pa na local who was scolding them and shooing them away kasi abala daw sa shoot, but we felt differently and natuwa din naman kami sa mga bata kaya we told the man na it’s okay, and we let them be a part of the photo despite it not being part of the plan, and we even showed the photos to them after.

“It’s sad that the tendency is to jump to conclusions, but we understand din kasi nga they were not there to witness everything.

“Kaya we do apologize for how it might have translated, and we’re sorry again to those we have offended.”

Billy and Coleen also made clear that those photos in Ethiopia are not their official prenuptial photos.

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