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Be careful to everyone working late nights in Cebu Business Park (Video)

To everyone working late nights or mid shifts in Cebu Business park. Please don’t be complacent, it doesn’t matter if its Cebu Business park (a place where we thought its safe), wait for jeepneys or taxis/grab cars near buildings with bright lights and with security.

I was waiting for 13C outside Keppel near the intersection when someone attacked me from behind and tried to snatch my bag at around 2:40am. But I fought back and didn’t let go of my bag, I fell hard on the ground when the straps of my bag snapped.
I got back up and chased the guy, screaming my lungs out.

Thanks to Mr. Magbanua, a security guard of Cebu Business Park for acting fast and helping me get my bag back.

I garnered bruises and scratches but I’m thankful that I still have my bag, my belongings, and my life.
Sincerest thanks to the people who helped me
*Cebu Business Park, Security Team
*Perpetual Soccour ER
*Mabolo, Police Station

Facebook Post by Pearlianne Fiel Miranda


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