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2 Priests Arrested After Putting Weed Into A Thurible

"They wanted people to get "high" in order to reach heaven"

Apparently, a simple joke has ended with two priest spending the night in the prison after being caught putting weed into the botafumeiro of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.

Since it is not a Jacobean year, because July 25 isn't Sunday, the botafumeiro is used in the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral on January 6 to celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord.

Several of the attendees declared that on this occasion the botafumeiro was filled with a strange smell "it did not smell like the other times, it was a familiar smell, but I could not relate it to anything, but in my son's room it always smells like that". said a man

After the mass, the two priests were arrested by the police after they confirmed it was a joke on their part. They said that "people were happier than they were."

Both priests were freed without charges, but could not work again as priests.

Source: http://haynoticia.es/detenidos-2-monaguillos-gallegos-meter-marihuana-botafumeiro3333/
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