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The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol and Energy Drinks

Mixing alcohol with other substances is never really a good idea, and pairing it with energy drinks may be especially hazardous.

Energy drinks jazzes up your whole body, increasing blood pressure, heart rate and in some cases, causing heart palpitations and an irregular heartbeat. that also leads to headaches, jitteriness, agitation, stomach problems and abnormal breathing.

Alcohol, on the other hand, is a depressant that slows down the brain's functioning and impairs one's ability to walk, talk and think clearly.

Another research study out of Australia also found that mixing caffeine with alcohol gives people the urge to drink more than those who drink just straight alcohol. This can lead to over-intoxication and risk for alcohol poisoning.

A recent study found that of those who consumed both caffeine and alcohol were more likely to still get behind the wheel than those who just consumed alcohol alone. Those that combine also were more likely to ride as a passenger with someone who was drunk.

Watch the Video Below: The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol and Energy Drinks

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