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Pinoy Tasty Homemade Salsa for Nachos


  6 pcs. Tomato (medium dice slices)
  4pcs. Large Red or White Onions (medium dice slices)
  3 pcs. Red bell pepper (medium dice slices)
  3 Tbsp. Lemon juice  ¾ Tbsp. Black or White ground pepper
  2 Magnolia Cheezee spread 235ml or any cheese spread you like1 cup water


1.    Combine tomatoes, onions, red bell pepper and lemon juice. Add black pepper, to taste. Then      mix it all together.

2.    Squeeze the cheese spread into the mixture. Lastly add the water, mix it well.

3.    Ready to serve with your favorite Nacho or any chips snacks and even in bread.


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