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How to be tracked if you were kidnapped?

There are now many GPS-enabled devices on the market, including many smart phones. In kidnapping cases, it is often said that finding the person within 24 hours gives them the best shot of survival. A GPS tracking service can trim those hours down to minutes.

If you had the chance to use your smartphone while being kidnapped, open a chat in Facebook Messenger with someone you want to share your location. Next, hit the plus button on the lower right corner and go to "Location".

Tap "Share Live Location" (the big blue button below the map). This live location sharing is good for an hour.

Your picture will move (real time) on the map following your location via GPS. You can hit the X button on the upper right corner to minimize the map.

 Just tap the 'Live Location' tab above the chat box to open the real time map again.

The app will continue to share your location, updating your status in real time inside Facebook Messenger. You can leave your phone in idle mode (sleep mode) while sharing your location.

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