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Tokyo opens the first Restaurant of Human Meat in the World


Reports Of Tokyo Restaurant Serving Human Flesh Are Fake

In July 2016, a Spanish “satirical daily” web site called La Voz Popular ran a story about Edible Brother. Soon after, several other websites picked up the story in November 2017 and ran it as if it were true. However, a Mexican news site Verne debunked the story on 29 November 2017.

Source: https://www.indiatimes.com/culture/reports-of-tokyo-restaurant-serving-human-flesh-are-fake-here-s-what-is-going-on-334860.html

The world's first restaurant serving legally Humana meat was opened in Tokyo (Japan).
A scary restaurant nickname "The Resoto ototo no shoku ryohin",  In English, the term "edible brothers", opened its doors to the public and from all over the world, It offers a wide range of menus, ranging from 100 euros to 1000 euros of dish with human flesh.

It looks like you are eating pork,  because it cooks meat with spices, the flavor is not noticeable. "

In Japan, legislation allowing human consumption of human flesh has been approved since 2014, naturally preserving such conditions as the sanitary level of this and its origins.

And the question we all ask for, how do they take the meat?
People before they die decide to sell their bodies to the special restaurant, roughly about 30,000 euros or $ 35,799, this is the balance they can leave their families, logically they are the only ones who can claim the money .

  Source: https://steemit.com/food/@jomano1975/they-open-the-first-restaurant-of-human-meat-in-the-world


  1. comes from the name "The Resoto ototo"...lol

  2. how about the person who died from illness, is this also allowed to sell their body?

  3. do you have a source for this 2014 law ?

  4. Fake news. 弟の食 = Outoto no Shoku = Younger Brother's Dinner. Author should kys

  5. he he he... I have my doubts on this...false news, perhaps...he he he ....

  6. let me feed you to the crocs, lion and tigers. stop spreading fakenews! you fucking desperate fakenews maker.

    report this website to the japanese goverment and they punish this retards.

  7. Read the 1st part, it say's it's fake.

  8. Maari nga kaya na ito ay totoo o isang Alamat lang din na may halong kwentong haka-haka o gawa-gawa lamang? Ngayon, babaguhin ko ang pinaka-unang taong, Naniwala ka ba?

    Noong July 2016, ang isang Spanish "Satrical Daily" na website na kung tawagin ay La Voz Popular ang nagsimula nang kwentong Alamat na ito tungkol sa Edible Brother na Restaurant. Hindi masiyadong nakilala ang kwentong ito ngunit isang taon muna ang makalipas, ngayong taong kasalukuyan (2017), kumalat ang kwentong iyon na nagdulot ng malawakang pagkakagulo sa Internet at ipinalabas itong totoo. Sa kabilang banda, isang Mexican news site na Verne ang nag-debunked nito noong November 29, 2017 at sinabing walang katotohanang ang kwentong iyon.

    Ngayon, babaguhin ko ulit ang nauna at pangalawa kong tanong. Napaniwala ka ba?

  9. I tought japan is famous for fish eaters.

  10. Is there any citation about the law that regards eating of human flesh in Japan? Please. Thanks.

  11. 0MG i d0nt believe this������


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