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Man arrested for stabbing himself to avoid going to work

The national police has arrested a young Sevillian of 27 years who stabbed himself in the abdomen and went to the police station to present a false report and thus not be able to go to work at the hotel where he had been hired for 5 days.

Fernando López was injured with a ham knife of more than 22 centimeters in the canopy of the bus that directed him to his job. After stabbing himself, he went to the nearest police station and filed a false report according to Diario Sur information. "An unknown man in the betis shirt stabbed me without a word," he explained to the agents.

While the detainee was telling his version of the events to the authorities and treating the wound 8 centimeters deep, several agents began to investigate what happened. An ATM camera recorded the moment of the incident, and it is clear as Fernando pulls a large knife from his backpack and embeds it in his abdomen with great enthusiasm, "They looked like images of a horror movie, I have never I've seen nothing like it, "says the FDV agent for Diario Sur.

Fernando finally had to admit that he had lied to them and that it was he who caused the injury as long as he did not go to work and with the objective of being discharged during a long season. "They are exploiting me in that damn hotel, I spend 14 hours a day cleaning rooms, semen, feces, bad smelling sheets and all kinds of food waste for 700 miserable euros a month, I earned more while unemployed."

At the moment Fernando is temporarily detained and several doctors and psychologists are studying if he suffers from a mental disorder. The hotel where the young man works is also being investigated for alleged fraud and exploitation of young people desperate to work.

Source: http://cerebrother.com/sevillano-se-apunala-no-ir-trabajar/ 

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