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Kids Are Not Allowed To Visit This Theme Park

Brazil is well-known for its dancing carnivals wearing little clothing - but now entertainment in the country is set to become even hotter, thanks to a theme park for adults, called Erotikaland.

Developers hope the park will be built near Piracicaba, about two hours drive from Sao Paulo, by 2018.

If it goes on, the park's attractions will include a '7D' cinema with vibrating seats, bumper cars formed as a genitalia, a nudist pool and a 'pleasure train' equipped by Gogo girls and boys.

The entry fee will be $ 100 and will also give visitors access to an aphrodisiac store, but sex within the park will not be allowed.

Visitors should make a connection and want to become intimate, they will be able to book at the nearby motels, The New York Times reported.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-3571730/Brazilian-sex-theme-park-set-open-2018-Erotikaland-7D-vibrating-cinema-bumper-cars-shaped-like-genitalia-nudist-pool.html

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