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Is taking a bath everyday bad for you? New research says Yes

According to the Genetic Science Center at Utah University, excessive cleaning can damage human microbiology - a collection of bacteria, viruses and other microbes that live in and on your body.

These are essential for our health and the university suggests that "disrupting of microbial ecosystems can cause illness". As a result, the immune system, the digestive tract and even your heart may suffer.

The study of the Yanomami village in the Amazon showed that people who lived there had a much richer community of microbes in their skin and "the higher diversity of bacteria and genetic functions ever reported to a human group."

They even hosted bacteria that held antibiotic resistance, even though they had no known antibiotic contact.

While research came to the conclusion that Westernism aka overzealous, shampoo-scrubbed lifestyles signifincatly affects the diversity of human microbioma, but what it couldn’t tell us was how often we should actually be showering.

While the idea of ​​giving up the shower completely does not seem very attractive, some people have given it a go.

Take James Hamblin, the senior editor of the Atlantic, for example, who recorded his trip to the launch of cleaning all together in an article published in June 2016.

“At first, I was an oily, smelly beast,” Hamblin wrote, but it wasn’t long before his body started to adjust.

“After a while... your ecosystem reaches a steady state, and you stop smelling bad. I mean, you don't smell like rosewater or Axe Body Spray, but you don't smell like B.O., either,” Hamblin said.

“You just smell like a person.”

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/is-shower-everyday-good-or-bad-cleaning-hygiene-university-utah-amazon-village-microbes-skin-a7546216.html

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