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Trump ready for war vs. North Korea

US President Donald Trump is ready to wage war against North Korea as he continues to allow the development of long-range nuclear-armed missiles, according to a Republican senator.

The plan was said by Trump to Senator Lindsey Graham, which was announced in the NBC 'Today Show' program: "There is a military option: To destroy North Korea's program and North Korea itself."

In the past week, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un boasted that his country could attack any target in the United States after the successful launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile test.

'World powers' trying to stop the Pyongyang's weapon program by United Nations-backed sanctions, but it fails, and the United States is frustrated.

Graham said that if the Chinese were not involved in diplomacy, particularly pressure from China's neighbors, to stop the program, the US has no choice but to conduct a military action.

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