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Spaghetti Wires Limpyohon Na

Mayor Tomas Osmeña ordered the Visayan Electric Company to advance the clean-up of these wiring deteriorating pole posts. Most of the posts found in Metro Cebu are owned by Veco, while others are owned by PLDT and Veco, under their joint-pole ownership, while others are owned by telecommunications companies.

After a series of meetings between VECO, PLDT, GLOBE, SMART, SkyCable and Eastern Telecoms Phils, they agreed to make a test area on General Maxilom Avenue, particularly on the corner of F. Ramos Street to Corner Juana Osmeña Street on Aug. 14. Anton Mari Perdices said the Veco is still waiting for the mayor to conduct their pilot test clean-up so they can make other plans elsewhere. The Perdices also urged the public to immediately call them if there were any suspended wires or posters that risked the people to immediately identify this action.

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