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Espenido wants to have NBP as his next mission

Ozamiz City chief of Police, Chief Insp. Jove Espenido wants to be assigned to New Bilibid Prisons (NBP).

Espenido to personally discover the 'mystery' of why drug trafficking was very severe within the national prison.

Espenido said that more challenges of his professional career would be if he was able to get NBP.

The official said that he was deeply amazed why inside of the Munti were imprisoned were still able to smuggle shabu and even scattered throughout the country.

"If animals are like dogs and crocodiles, there is no reason that people in the NBP will be able to correct the discipline," Espenido said.

Espenido is a multi-awarded police officer and from different parts of Visayas before being assigned to Mindanao.

Prior to his arrival in Ozamiz, he was chief of Albuera, Leyte when he ordered the arrest of Mayor Rolando Espinosa, who was considered a 'drug lord' in the Visayas.

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