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I want to be honest here peeps. Brutally honest.

There is no overwhelming empathy for me with the death of Kian Delos Santos. I really do not feel to condemn outright this murder. 

Perhaps I am already inured and numbed to the core with these tragic, horrific events. They are a daily dose in case you have not noticed. These tragedies are upon us day in day out. Watch all TV news archives or search for news clippings and you will certainly come across a murder or a massacre somewhere. Children, senior citizens, women, mostly the powerless and the poor.

In our country, the ordinary citizen is constantly subjected to abuse, and exposed to constant fear for his life, or that of his loved one. Life is but a commodity, especially for heartless, scheming and greedy politicians who never hesitate to devalue lives in order to enhance their own worth and esteem.

You decry the loss of humanity? You weep for the loss of life? Seriously?
So did you cry when innocent lives are lost?
When a cement truck plowed into traffic, flattening a car where a complete family was inside, pinning to death the patriarch, did you cry "murder?!!!" Did you raise hell that there is too much negligence that we allow unsafe but humungous vehicles to take the road?

When farmers were gunned down because they want rice in a very ironic twist of fate, did you shout "Himagsikan?!!!"

When a senior citizen collapsed due to heart attack because she was subjected to "tanim bala" did you rally your community to go to EDSA?

When an 18-year old architecture student was stabbed 11 times by two drug addled robbers, because he refuses to part with his school bag, did you visit his wake?

When a husband and wife were shot point blank in their heads by their toughie neighbor after emerging from a "peaceful" dialogue in the baranggay center, did you release a press statement?
When thousands of Yolanda survivors eventually died due to hunger, from the absence of shelter, from hopelessness and despair because you diverted the billions of funds intended for their relief to your campaign, did you really sleep well at night in the comfort of your lavish bedroom in your sprawling mansion?

When children drowned because the river they were crossing to go to school suddenly went berserk with wicked current, and because the bridge that was supposed to be built were actually diverted to buy your wife's HermeĊ› latest bag, did you ask your monsignor to light up the candle and bless those angels?

When you transformed our finest policemen to become rogue and mercenaries for your evil schemes, eventually robbing banks, resorting to kidnapping and extortion, and committing murder by eliminating your rivals or those who refuse to kowtow to your power, is it an extension of your most benevolent public service?

When you pushed our laborers and skilled workers away from their loved ones and into foreign soil, where some of them met their tragic end because they were deceived and abandoned, did you really think of yourself as heroic for crafting laws that strengthen the diaspora and brain drain of our country?

I could go on and on about murder in every sector, regardless of economic standing and demographics, but it won't change how we all have made our lives so cheap and so dispensable.
So here we are trying to feign righteous indignation and rage over the death of a teenager, and conveniently using his mortality to raise our so-called humanity.
And then you all go about waving your intellectual or emotional superiority, declaring that blood is also in the hands of those who have put in place and continue to support this presidency.

You believe that you don't have any part in the pulling the trigger that killed Kian?
We all killed him. Yes, you, me and the entire nation engulfed in greed, apathy and corruption of all forms.

We are all guilty of murder.
That is the sad, tragic truth.

by Mark Lopez

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