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A mother's open letter to LP: "Dear Idiots"

Dear idiots,

Please stop harping on this unfortunate incident that took the life of a 17 yr old. first of all, your party mates are all idiots for going against the curfew for minors. Secondly, your party is primarily responsible for the proliferation of drugs which your party did not do anything about for 6 years they were in power. Your pathetic hypocritical acts of feigning protests were missing when an entire family was murdered by a self-confessed addict in Bulacan, we never heard a peep from the likes of Drilon, Hontiveros, Robredo nor the inept CHR. A priest gets caught with his pants down in trying to have sex with a 13 year old and still not a peep from you.

Farmers begged for rice and food in Kidapawan and was given red hot bullets instead and not a word from you and your tribe. 13 thousand dead in 2016 under your regime and not a peep from any of you.

Now, you expect us to believe you're actually sincere? That you actually have a conscience enough to speak up or maybe because you spoke up because your party got caught with their pants down and their feet in their mouths with matching whip and fabricated lies from paid witnesses against Duterte? I believe you all used up your ace cards and now expect the people of this country to actually believe you when you play up on the drama, #Anaknaminsila bullshit ninyo.

 Why? Are you the only ones blessed with kids? We have kids too but we don't use them to protest against the President and make them carry placards in the middle of the street exposed to any stupid idiot who can throw a grenade at them.

You're all disgusting pieces of useless fecal matter that ever walked the face of this country. You profess loving this country but all you've ever done is create division and strife. You are all thieves. You benefitted from our hard earned taxes and now that you can't get a dime out of it, you go after the reason you can't get money into your pockets.

Stop feigning and pretending you love this country because you don't. If you truly loved this country, you'd probably still be the ruling party but you're not. Because people are sick and tired of all your pretenses and I feel sorry for those who still can't see through all your cheap charades.

Source : Jenifer Aquino

You want to continue on this path? You will never win. Duterte is the choice of the people and frankly, you can all go to hell, resign your posts, get lost, leave the country - you think we'd care? No. We won't. So please, stop making a mockery of the democracy of this country because you do not even listen to those who oppose you. You're all fucking stupid idiots, that's what you are and people already know it.

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  1. Yawn... Let's blame all the country's problem on a single party. Grow up.


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