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My Boyfriend Dumped Me For Being Fat - Look at My Revenge Body

When I was in my early twenties, I broke up with my boyfriend Tim, who I’d
known since I was 17.

He dumped me for being overweight, and it hurt so much.

His friends called me “chubby” and after he finished with me, he pointedly
went out with a girl who was really slim.

Other people were so mean, too — his ex-girlfriend wrote on her Facebook page
that he was a “chubby-chaser”.

Tim loved going to the gym and was very fit. To make it worse, his ex was a
size 6.

But the break-up — as awful as it was — spurred me on to do something about my
weight. I’d had enough of the fat jokes.

I weighed 16st when I was with Tim.

Before I got dumped, it hadn’t bothered me because I had a lot of
self-confidence, but the break-up made me take a long, hard look in the
mirror — and I didn’t like what I saw.

At Buckinghamshire University, in High Wycombe, I was drinking a lot and my
eating was out of control.

I knew little about diet and nutrition but I was determined to make my
ex-boyfriend jealous by doing something about my body.

I literally Googled “healthy eating” and set up my own regime.

I cut out alcohol — I didn’t drink for two years — and also gave up fizzy
drinks, chocolate, cakes and junk food.

I swapped full-fat milk for skimmed milk, white bread and pasta for brown, and
introduced steamed veg and herbal teas into my life.

I also started going to the gym because I realised I needed to tone up my
wobbly skin now that I had started losing weight.

In eight months, I lost almost seven stone. The transformation in my body was

I loved going to the gym and taking part in classes and it has now become a
way of life for me.

About a year later, when I was feeling slim and fabulous, I bumped into Tim’s
mum in the local pharmacy.

She said: “I didn’t recognise you.” I was absolutely thrilled.

I’m sure she went home and told Tim how amazing I looked.

But it’s too late for him now and there’s no way I would have had him back

I am very happy with my partner Jacques, who has known me both before and
after my transformation and always been supportive.

He is extremely healthy and fit and these days, we train together.

Getting fit and fabulous was definitely the best revenge for all the hurtful


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