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A lonely dog ​​escaped the house and came to visit his friend

A dog is a lonely animal. But there are dogs that can not help but live with loneliness. Labrador named Messi, who lives in Thailand, was a dog that gave love to such a friend.

On July 12, according to the report of animal magazine 'Dodo', near the house where Messi lives, there is a husky called Audi. However, the owner of the Audi says that he has to go to work every day and leave Audi alone in the yard. Audi, who was so alone, often felt anxious and cried every time, or barked loudly.

The owner of Messi, Ora Nicht LaGour, also heard Audi cry. "At that time, Messi just looked at the side of the fence, or barked at Audi. I did not know that the two would be in communication. But every time Messi barks, Audi stops crying. "

Then one day the owner of Audi forgot to lock the door. Audi came out of the house and ran straight to met Messi.

Messi and Audi embraced each other. Below is a picture taken by the owner of Messi.

 If you look at the friendship between Messi and Audi, the communication of the dogs may be more sticky and deeper than one thinks.

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