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Unfortunate Rapist Allegely Contracted HIV From Victim

 A British man convicted of raping a sleeping woman was notified of the possibility of infection with the victim and HIV.

Richard Thomas (27) was sentenced to five years and four months in prison for raping a woman at home while she was sleeping, according to the BBC. Thomas knew that the woman was sick, but said she did not know it could be HIV. According to reports, he collapsed.

Thomas said he had drunk a lot of cocaine and ecstasy in several places on the night of the attacks in the evening. He said he did not remember much from the attack but believed in the story of the woman.

The police revealed that Thomas had entered an uninvited woman's house and then went into the bedroom and slept in sleep. She took a sleeping tablet and found that Thomas raped her.

“She froze and no words were exchanged,” said prosecutor Harry Pepper. “He pulled up his shorts and left.”

Thomas's lawyer, Burton Hayton, said he was not sure about the night's incident, but she said to her: "I will not lie, she speaks the truth, I did it when I told her I did it" Telegraph said. It was not immediately clear whether Thomas knew of the victim before the assault.

Judge Mark Brown, who oversees the case, ordered Thomas to be sentenced to five years and four months and to permanently stipulate a "terrible crime" in the Sex Offender Register.

Hayton explained that Thomas was agonizing about the night's events. Thomas was previously convicted but had no sexual assault or rape.

"[Thomas] repents and does not understand why he did it, and it is tormenting him," Hayton said. She also has a long history of drugs and alcohol, and he began using cannabis at age 9 and drinking at age 11. Thomas also said he was addicted to cocaine and ecstasy at the age of 13 and was treated for addiction during his teenage years.

Thomas was opened to know the outcome of the HIV test shortly after being informed of the possibility. It was not clear that Thomas was sick.

Hayton has been kind to Thomas a while.

"This [HIV test] is hanging on her head," she said, according to the mirror. "It is his own fault. If he did not commit this crime, he would not have put himself in this position."

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