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Top 5 Best Players Who Never Won A Title Because of Michael Jordan

NBA legends can't win the big one.When a 23 year old black and white cold-blooded assassins stole there dreams to wear a ring. Michael Jordan got to the top and ruined many NBA players whose desire to win the NBA Championship.

Charles Barkley – Barkley won the league MVP with the Suns in 1993 and his team went to the NBA Finals. But Barkley, like many great players of the '90s, became a victim of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Barkley never closed it again.

Patrick Ewing - The Bulls overpowered Ewing and the Knicks in the 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1996 playoffs. Ewing did get past the Bulls in 1994. Sadly, the Knicks have fallen to Hakeem Olajuwon and and Houston Rockets that season.

John Stockton and Karl Malone - Jazz traveled back to the NBA Finals two times. Both premiered Stockton and Malone. However, Michael Jordan conquered this duo in the NBA Finals with his heroics flu game and fourth-quarter strip of Malone beneath the basket. With time winding down, Jordan buried a game winning-jump shot. He finished the 1998 finals in front of Byron Russell and the Salt Lake City crowd.

Reggie Miller - In Game 4 of the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals with the Chicago Bulls, Pacers' Reggie Miller led the game to victory with a three-point shot in just 0.7 seconds remaining.The shot helped Pacers 2-2 to tie the series but they ended up losing in seven games.Then the Bulls beat Utah Jazz to win the NBA Finals.

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