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Newest travel destination in Baybay City?

Are you familiar with the famous 10,000 led-powered white roses? Or the 2,000 led-powered red roses? That both located in Cordova, Cebu.

What if both colors comes into one, red and white in one place and become a tourist destination?

Well it's not imaginary anymore because it is already existing!

Meet 16,000 blossoms in Lintaon Peak located at Baybay City, Leyte. It has 16,000 led-powered blossoms that consists of white and red blossoms.

 The red blossoms was formed saying "(heart emoji) Baybay". This newest ecotourist
attraction was built by the LGU of Baybay and was opened last June 16, 2017 since that day was their charter day and that tells exactly why it's 16k blossoms. 

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