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Lebron James Chasing The "Ghost That Played In Chicago"

Michael Jordan has

•3 more rings

•3 more final mvps

•1 more DPOY

•1 more season MVP

•9 more scoring titles

•3 more steals leader

•3 more all defensive team selections

•4000 more points

•800 more steals

•Beat 20 50+ win teams in the playoffs (Lebron only defeated 10)

•Jordan never averaged less than 40% Field Goal in the finals
  Lebron did it twice

•6/6 (never allowed a game 7)

•Lebron had much more help

•Jordan never had a teammate averaged more than 22 points in the finals.
 Kyrie averaged over 28 and DWade averaged more than 26

•MJ never ever had a finals meltdown like Lebron in 2011 against the Mavs

•MJ has more points in the playoffs in less games.

All of this accomplished in 13 seasons , while Lebron is in his 14th season.

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