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Easily share Wi-Fi with friends on iOS 11 and automatically Send Passwords To Peripherals.

IOS 11 includes many automatic features related to initial installation and account sign-in. This also applies to WiFi networks. When a friend goes to an iPhone running iOS 11, they can automatically sign in to Wi-Fi at once.

The UI looks like an AirPods pairing process. If the Wi-Fi password screen appears on your new device, nearby nearby iOS devices on your network can help.

In my example, iPad is already on a WiFi network and iPhone is a new device. If all iOS 11 is installed on iPhone, the password field will be displayed normally when iPhone tries to connect to WiFi network.

Then, when you bring your iPhone to the "near" iPad, iPad will show a pop-up card where iPhone tries to join the network.

You can wirelessly send WiFi passwords by tapping one button. After a while, the iPhone password field populates the iPhone and connects to the network immediately.

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