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Cuatros Islas: A Gateway to Paradise

Located from towns of Hindang and Inopacan, Leyte, Philippines and just a few kilometers away from the busy airports and cities, You can now enjoy the gateway to paradise, the Cuatros Islas.

A four scenic islands happens to be just a distance away
from each other, you can do island hopping within just a minutes away from each other using a motor banca.

Himokilan Island:

The biggest island of Cuatros islas, a shoe form island where there is a barangay and a people inhabited place. This island belongs to the town of Hindang. Contrary of what most people say Himokilan is originally from Hindang and not in Inopacan. The place has been preserved and it has a big sanctuary for fishes. When you go around this whole island, you can see bamboos placed at the back of this island and that's where the sanctuary is located. You can do snorkeling and it has a diving spot.

Mahaba Island:

10 - 12 minutes away from Himokilan, this island is surely breath-taking because of it's white sand, clear waters and famous rock-formations. Aside from that, this place is where you can find the little red shrimps. I recommend this island to those beach goers and travelers who want their ambiance peaceful and quiet. This island is located in Inopacan

Apid Island:

The island which is just 10 - 12 minutes away from others, this island is inhabited with people and had a barangay. Similar to Himokilan, you can find schools, sari-sari stores in it. People do handcrafted goods and souvenirs on this island. It has prestine waters just like the others  and fine white sands. Well i do hope Inopacan LGU can renovate this place, the island has more potential. This island is located in Inopacan.

Digyo Island:

Lastly, Digyo island.. the smallest among the four islands but the most famous of them all. This island has a  tounge-shaped sandbar, a picture perfect sandbar ideally the best for people who loves taking photos and for those who loves to put them on their profile. People really loves this place because of its ambiance, white sands, and crystal clear waters. It has only one inhabitant, the caretaker of the island. This is the perfect place for beach goers who loves a stunning view, snorkeling, diving and simply enjoying.

Cuatros Islas is surely a gate way to paradise. A perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy!

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