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99-Year-Old Annie Wanted To Get Arrested To Fulfill Bucket List

The 99 - year - old Annie had to be arrested before the end of her life, and the neighboring police department was happy enough to help.
According to a Facebook verdict from the Nijmegen-Zuid police headquarters, Annie could sit "quickly" on the cell with the bound bind after the policeman lifted it from home. People who have never committed a mistake have been brought to Annie for a special case that is not generally acceptable to the cell but is rather uncommon. Annie's joy in her face tells her happiness.

I hope Annie can accomplish the rest of her bucket list. Hopefully it will be fine.
Annie, 99, wanted to be arrested before she died, so the local police confiscated her.

She was allowed to sit handcuffed in a cell for a few minutes after getting picked up at home

Annie had a rare exception going to a bar, but it was worth seeing her smile.

Let’s hope the rest of Annie’s bucket list goes well, since she clearly lives on the wild side

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