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Women Are Clamoring On How To Wear This Body Suit

I bought the cheapest and coolest popular item, but what if there is a problem?

The result is ridiculous enough to make a tearful picture of consumers.

It's a bit scary, but literally 'jackpot', people who have not been able to get their hands on the black mesh bodysuits sold by the British company PrettyLittleThings share their frankness on Twitter.

Northern Ireland's Olivia Skus (21) broke the tweet. She threw herself up last Monday on why this body suit does not pass through her head.

Caption: Good morning. I wonder why suits can not pass my head.

Scusman did not suffer from body suits. When her tweets came up, other women also complained about their difficulties as follows. (Note: It 's not pretty, but it will be funny enough for you).

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