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Why does Google support sexism? "It helps business"

It is not 'charity' or 'sincerity' that a company improves the working environment of its employees. This is because each individual member must pay high productivity in a good environment. That's why Google supports minorities, including gender minorities. Google's philosophy is that helping employees with diverse backgrounds working in Google to live independently and indiscriminately leads to corporate performance.

On the afternoon of the 17th day of the International Day against Anti-Minority, Google held a ceremony to give funding to the Rainbow Human Rights Project-on organized by the Foundation for Human Rights Foundation and Rainbow Action Against Sexism and Minority Discrimination. Google has provided a total of $ 57 million for nine human minority rights programs. It is used mainly for the support of the minority in the provinces, education and networking, not for Seoul.

Google joined the 15th Queer Culture Festival in Korea in 2014, and started supporting local minority human rights. In the same year, he provided foundation money to the youth minority support group 'Dengdong'. Jeong Kim Kyung Sook was the CEO of Google Korea. He is the leader of Google Korea's "Gaylagar" (gay + google, Google's gender minority or supportive staff). The program support fee was also proposed by Chung KIM, who proposed the idea to the company.

Yet domestic companies are reluctant to support gender minority human rights. Jeong Gyeong-moo said, "Just four weeks after the launch of the Queer Festival, the number of participants increased and the atmosphere improved. Society is changing. Thousands of companies in Silicon Valley support sex minorities. I was really envious of this. We hope it will happen as soon as possible. "

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