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Video: The Abandoned Amusement Park in the Philippines was built to Rival Disneyland

The Japanese businessman who set up the park had financial problems and had to stop construction.

Disneyland is the best amusement park ever. Even as we are old, we always enjoy visiting colorful places that will remind us of our happy childhood. We can not deny that amusement parks take up a large portion of the population depending on how many people are attracting Disneyland. In an attempt to "clone" or "compete" Disneyland, Japanese businessmen wanted to create a fantasy world in the Philippines. Sadly, he was out of money.

Located in Barangay Mayasang in Lemery Batangas, 4 hours from Manila, the amusement park still allows tourists to enter the majestic park. The lowest admission fee is $ 20 (P1000), which is sufficient for 10 people. Anyone can go in and walk freely.

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