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Scorpion scares the United Airlines flight.

The KHOU reported that another scorpion had urged to evacuate United Airlines flights from Houston on Thursday to evacuate the plane.

One passenger said that Scorpion had crawled out of a sleeping man behind a flight to Quito and Ecuador.

The takeoff was delayed then.

In a statement, United said, "The 1035 flight from Houston to Quito has returned to the door after the scorpion came out of the customer's clothes."

Rumor has it that other passengers saw the scorpion crawl under the man's seat.

At the United gate, the paramedics said, "We checked the customer immediately and confirmed that he had not been stung."

Unlike the poor man who did get stung by a scorpion last month on United Airlines from Houston to Calgary.

United provided meal vouchers for passengers who got delayed for several hours and the flight departed to its destination on a different plant.

Thankfully on another plane.

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