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Haley Dasovich Explains Why She Doesn’t Wear A Bra

Feminism - advocating women's rights based on gender equality is one of the most discussed issues in the world today. Women of different races, living conditions and positions within the government struggle to defend women's rights. Even entertainers argued against this indefinite talks on this subject.

Haley expressed her view of feminism by explaining why she does not wear bras while walking through Amalfi in Italy, saying in a video blog that "Why i dont wear a bra(hanging in AMALFI ITALY)" .

This commentary completely attacked her view of her body and herself, but could not stop her. She endured all the disgusting things and decided to prevent society from attempting to project on what women should wear or fit.

Such uncomfortable remarks often make Hailey feel that women's rights are far stronger than ever and that advocacy for women's rights is important. Why is feminism important? She responded by saying, "Men and women must always support each other."

She also added that she feels lucky and privileged that she is growing up in a strong, supportive family.

She also expressed love for her DGAF Squad. the squad taught her not to worry about what other people think about you.do not feel strange or odd. The qualities make you into you and make you unique with others in the world. Why make you stand out.

She then gave advice to all vloggers to “just be you”

WATCH The Video:

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