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Disney Princesses Face Real Life Problems Like Drugs And Rape In Powerful Photos

We have become accustomed to see Disney Princess as a symbol of innocence, beauty and sensuous emotions. But what happens if they fall into the real world with violence, drugs, prostitution, and all the other horrible things you see in the daily news?

Philadelphia-based photographer Shannon Dermody began exploring the latest series of photographs covering Disney Princess, which deals with drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, rape, prostitution and the darkest side of all reality.

The photographer tries to raise awareness of the real problem by talking about the dramatic living conditions that many of us around the world face every day. Some of the pictures are very graphic.

1:Snow White - Alcoholism

2:Belle - Domestic Violence

3.Merida - Heroine

4.Ariel - Pollution

5.Sleeping Beauty - Rape
6.Rapunzel -Suicide

7.Cinderella - Sex Trafficking
8.Jasmine -Tobacco
 9.Tiana -Police Brutality

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