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Confirmed! Maute supported by Narco-Politicians - Bato

A report was given to the Philippine National Police (PNP) and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on the alleged links between narco politicians and Maute terror groups to sow chaos in Marawi City.

PNP chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa confirmed this terror group have help from the narco politician

AFP also confirmed that helps from the narco politicians and certain groups who do illegal activities in Mindanao helps Maute group so brave and not running out of weapons.

De la Rosa said that before he assumed office, they have received information in Marawi city's about drug lord summit was held in the city to support the maute

According to the police chief, until now has not been established that they receives the support of Maute from ISIS.

Dela Rosa also revealed the subject to their operations on martial law to the narco-politicians.

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