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A tennis player who kissed a reporter during a live broadcast is forced to leave and banned from French Open

French tennis player Maxime Hamou was dismissed from the French Open in 2017. It was because of sexual harassment of female reporter during live broadcasts.

Hamou won an interview with Euro Sports reporter Maly Thomas shortly after Pablo Kuevas was defeated on 29 (local time). Hamou, in a brief 45-second interview, put his arm on Thomas's neck and forcefully kissed the ball and ear. Thomas did not forget to be on the air and tried to push Hamou, but he did not stop the sexual harassment.Thomas said on the 30th that the interview in the Huff Post French edition was "frankly unpleasant"."If it was not live, I would have fisted," he added.

The French Tennis Federation (FFT) has decided to ban Maxim Hamu from taking part in the tournament.The organizers of the tournament decided on May 29 to deprive Maxim Hamou of the competition.A few hours after the Tennis Federation issued its official statement, Hamou apologized to the Instagram.

"If Maly Thomas was hurt or surprised by my actions during the interview, I would like to apologize sincerely. I spent a wonderful week at Roland Garros, and I have the best days of my life as a tennis player. So I expressed my passion to Maly who I respectfully respect. None of the content reported was my intention.I will apologize to her in present if she wants to. Im learning from daily mistakes to become better ones"...

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