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White child who chose a black doll, Mini-Mart clerk said, "You Dont look like this doll?"

Sofia is now three years old. Recently, Sophia has finally been able to get out of the baby toilet. As a result of their efforts to control their bowel movements, Sofia's mother tried to buy gifts and they visited the Target.

 According to the report of Mashable, Sofia picked the dolls with very serious eyes on this day and said they chose "doctor" dolls. Sophia is a child who wants to be a doctor.

The clerk said:

"Do you really want this doll? The doll did not look much like you. There are so many dolls that look more like you in our store. "

"(The child said to the clerk.) This doll is a doctor. I am a doctor too. This doll is pretty and I am pretty. . See her pretty hair? And see her stethoscope?

At that time, the clerk did not say anything else but accepted the words of Sofia. Sofia's mother, Brandy Brenner, said, "From this day's experience, we are convinced that we do not have prejudice against skin color from birth." "You can have different skin color like hair or eyes. Everything is beautiful. 

In the eyes of Sofia, this doll was a puppet with a doctor 's gown and a stethoscope, which would be his role model. But in the eyes of the clerk, this doll was a black doll.

Sofia's mother, Brandy Brenner, explained the situation through the Instagram. She tried to get angry at the clerk at the time, but Sophia said she went first. This posting has recorded over 1,600 likes.

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