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Trump said he could make additional attacks on Syria if necessary

US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he could launch additional attacks on Syrian military bases as needed.

According to AFP, President Trump gave a letter to the House Speaker of the House of Representatives, Oliver Hatch, saying he would "take additional action to improve the US national interest if necessary and appropriate."

In a letter, Trump said in a letter, "Syria is in charge of the chemical weapons attack on civilians in the south of Syria on April 4."

Trump said, "I have acted on the basis of essential national security and the interests of US foreign policy in accordance with my constitutional authority to lead diplomatic relations as military commander and top executive officer."

The President of the United States is required to notify the Congress within 48 hours of the commencement of military action in accordance with the war authority law introduced in 1973.

Earlier, US troops fired 59 Tomahawk missiles toward Shirat Air Base near Homes in central Syria.

Trump told reporters in a criticism that US air strikes did not damage the runway at the Syrian Air Force base. "The reason I do not strike the runway in general is that it can be easily and quickly fixed at low cost."

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