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Trump orders missile strike on Syria

US President Donald Trump's attack on Syria after a chemical attack that killed civilians Syrians.

As instructed by their presidents, successive military airstrike in the form of guided missiles that the US warships in the Mediterranean Sea that targeted the Syrian military bases.

According to CNN reports, confirmed by the Syrian Armed Forces General Command 6 persons who were killed in the missile strike on Shayrat airfield.

Said ordered US President Donald Trump to require US warships USS Ross and USS Porter, a Navy destroyer in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, to fly 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles on the Syrian government airbase in Homs province, which specifically targets plane made of chemical attacks.

"When you kill innocent children, innocent babies, babies, little babies with a chemical gas that is so lethal, people were shocked to hear what it was gas, that crosses many, many lines. Beyond a red line, many, many lines, "said Trump.

Some lawmakers in the US expressed support for Trump, but at the same time warns that it should consult the Congress and the White House prior to declare war.

Intermix was the reaction of some countries made by the US.
Criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin said the attack claimed the US major impact on relations between Russia and the US.

Appeal of the Kremlin in Russia in the UN Security Council to convene a meeting following the attack by the US.

Even the Iranian nation has denounced the attacks made by the US to Syria by saying accordingly launching missiles in the country.

While supported by the UK Defense Sec. Michael Fallon did the US claims should only due to the attack on civilians using toxic chemicals.

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