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There is a company that made nude lingerie for colored people

Generally, 'nude color' reminds me of a light beige. The problem is that everyone's skin color is not the same.

Shantal Carter Taylor from Toronto has long felt this problem with his underwear. And when she was dissatisfied that she did not have the lingerie suitable for colored skin color, she decided to create a brand new lingerie.

"Love and Nude" began with that, and Taylor says that the success of this underwear brand suits a variety of skin colors.

This is the first company in Canada, but in the United States, "Nana Lingerie" has been producing underwear that suits the color of people of color since last year. Catalina Girarde, the businessman who realized that the 'nude' ankle wrap on the black Olympic gymnast Gaby Douglas clashed with her skin color. Jalal says he realized at the moment that lychees for colored people were not equipped properly.
Jalal said in May last year: "It's not about those races, nationalities, or skin tones, but about creating equality for everyone," he said.

Christian Louboutin, a high-end shoe designer, realized that there were few nude shoes for dense skin and presented a variety of shoes in seven colors.

"Love and nude are more than just underwear," she said to Huff Post. "It's a brand that gives women the positivity to accept their skin color." "The #OwnYourTone promotional campaign supports the value that women of color have to the community and their wonderful life."

Taylor said in a CBC interview: "We have our own beauty, regardless of the color of our skin - just accept your own beauty."


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