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The flight Crew of Turkish Airlines Help Passenger Goes into Labor During The Flight

According to the BBC, this plane was heading from Guinea to Burkina Faso at the time. A pregnant woman's passenger has begun laboring at about 42,000 feet above sea level. The crew said they helped the pregnant woman and took the baby. Below are the photos that the airline has released.

The mother and baby were taken to the hospital immediately after landing. According to NBC News, both mothers and babies are in good health. It was not known whether there were doctors on board the plane at that time, or whether the crew had been trained to prepare for in-flight birth.

According to the website of Turkish Airlines, pregnant women up to 28 weeks of pregnancy can be boarded without the consent of the doctor. Pregnant women from 28 to 35 weeks need the consent of a doctor. It was not known what gift Turkey Airline would give to this baby born flight. In August 2016, a baby born on a plane from Pacific Air received a million mileage gift.

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