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President Rodrigo Duterte Launches P1 Million Reward For Anyone To Teach One or Seven Members of The Abu Sayyaf Group

 President Rodrigo Duterte launches P1 million reward for anyone to teach one or seven members of the Abu Sayyaf Group hunted to attack Ibanga, Bohol.

The President  inspection for ASEAN security briefing said the chief executive also said arming civilians to kill Abu Sayyaf members.

Dead or alive the presidential decree.

Duterte prefer dead than alive to catch members of the Abu Sayyaf since obligated to feed them when brought to the jail.

Said the president should not be concerned if the public killed by members of the Abu Sayyaf.

Required only by the president  is  to go to the police and let them know that you killed ASG member and i'll take care of the rest.

The president encouraged the civilian killed not only the members of the bandit group but also the durugista.

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