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Julia Roberts was named "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World by 2017"

People magazine announced on February 19, 2017, "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World." The most beautiful woman of the year, five times. Julia Roberts is the actor who won the title.

Roberts has risen to the position of "the most beautiful woman in the world" than anyone else in the history of People magazine. The first time she was selected was in 1991, when she appeared in "Pretty Woman."

At the time, she was 23 years old and said, "It is a big hit, it seems to have taken the peak of my life right now."

Of course, Julia Roberts is beautiful. But to be honest, many other actors in Hollywood were able to get there.

Jesse Kagler, editor-in-chief of People magazine, explained the reason for the selection:

"Julia Roberts was the perfect choice when she came up with a cover model for the special beauty of the world's most beautiful women in 2017. Julia, now 49, can not look more beautiful than ever. Her beauty is manifested in her self-confidence and knowledge, and her sense of good humor. It also appears in her ability to develop, while maintaining the best charm she thinks. It also feels like creating a character and releasing a story that will lead us to a new place. There is nothing to make her smile as much time as her children, despite the impossibilities and temptations of impossibly great privileges."

People are expected to include some women in this special issue besides Roberts. As it is well known, People often prefers a white woman who is a heterosexual who boasts traditional beauty. I look forward to including more women this year. Since 1990, only four women have been selected as "the most beautiful women in the world." Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Lupita Ternio.

So far, this year's list includes Tarragona P. Henson, Viola Davis and Alicia Keys. People have finally started going in the right direction.

Meanwhile, People magazine's "The Most Beautiful Woman" special edition will begin selling in the United States on May 21 (local time).

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