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He called his mom not to pick him up at swimming lessons cause his coming home with the president. His Mom thought that her son was joking

Tristan , a 13-year-old boy in Reykjavik, Iceland. After swimming class, he wait for  his mom to take him home with his friend. Tristan's mom was a little late on that day.

After a few minutes a man came into Tristan's eye.It is the president of Iceland. President Johannesen who had gone back after attending a ceremony at the pool. The children who heard the president asked him, "Can you take me home?" The president drove the children home.

This unexpected encounter was made known to Tristan's mother on Facebook with photos and videos.

"My son Tristan is a very talkative child. Tristan called 15 minutes ago and said, "Mom, you dont have to come to the pool. I met the president and said, 'Mom is a little late cause she's helping my aunt, can you take me home?' And he's really coming home from the President's car. "

Of course, Tristan's mother thought that her son was joking. However, two children and the president really appeared together. Tristan's mother said, "Iceland will be the only place where this can happen." "I would not be able to do this unless I was President Johannesen."

Below is a photo and video of Magusun's dad who listened to his son's story on Facebook.

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